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Strategic Support

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

A vCISO from our team provides the executive-level cybersecurity leadership and expertise of a Chief Information Security Officer when you aren’t ready for a full-time hire.

Your vCISO becomes a trusted strategic advisor who partners with your IT and executive leadership team. They provide security oversight and guidance across key areas such as developing overall program strategy and roadmaps, conducting risk assessments and creating mitigation plans, advising security policies and standards, providing guidance on tech investments, educating the board and executives on security issues, representing security in business goal alignment, leading incident response, performing compliance and audit preparations, and reporting metrics and dashboards for visibility. 

With an experienced vCISO's strategy and leadership on demand, you can enhance your security posture in a cost-effective manner tailored to your dynamic business needs. A vCISO allows you to access enterprise-level security oversight without the difficulty of creating a new executive position.

Assessment & Planning Services

A proactive assessment and planning approach is key to building a security program tailored to your organization's changing risk landscape and strategic priorities. We offer in-depth security assessments along with expert guidance to create strategic plans that evolve your security capabilities.

Our comprehensive Security Program Assessments evaluate your existing policies, processes, controls and staff skills through interviews, surveys and hands-on analysis. We identify improvement opportunities based on your risk tolerance, compliance needs and available resources. Our assessment provides a strategic roadmap to optimize your program.

Looking to align security with business strategy? Our Security Roadmap Development service facilitates collaborative workshops to create a multi-year plan that plots your security initiatives, budgets and metrics. This customized roadmap enables you to demonstrate the value of security investments.

For help implementing industry standard frameworks like NIST, ISO 27001 or COBIT, our Security Framework Implementation service provides gap analysis, planning and training tuned to your organization. We make adopting these complex frameworks achievable.

To determine optimal security staffing and investments, our data-driven Workforce and Budget Planning service analyzes your infrastructure, obligations and risks. We provide recommendations to right-size your capabilities.

With our assessment, planning and implementation expertise, you can proactively evaluate and evolve your security posture.

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