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Risk Management

An advanced risk management approach enables data-driven cybersecurity decision making tuned to your business tolerance, threats and compliance obligations. We provide services to help quantify and mitigate risk through expert assessments, analysis and planning.

Our Risk Assessments evaluate vulnerabilities in your critical assets, systems and processes using threat modeling, asset valuation and testing. We help identify and prioritize risks tied to your strategic objectives. 

For new initiatives like products, technologies or partnerships, our Risk Analysis service models and evaluates security impacts early in the planning process. We provide actionable risk ratings, cost/benefit tradeoffs and controls guidance.

Need an integrated risk management program? Our Risk Management Program Development service helps architect repeatable processes that balance industry standards with quantitative data analysis. We provide a framework tuned to produce cyber risk intelligence for decision makers.

Incident Response Planning

Our Incident Response Planning service prepares you to minimize breach impacts. We evaluate existing response capabilities and help create tailored playbooks, reporting and training. 

Business Continuity Planning

For ensuring operations through disruptions, our Business Continuity Planning service identifies critical processes and builds continuity strategies leveraging impact analysis and risk assessments.

Let us help enable risk-aware, data-driven security decisions across your organization. Our combination of risk expertise, assessments and planning empowers your risk management program. Contact us today to discuss your information risk challenges.

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