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About Us

Radical Transparency, Trusted Partnerships

Welcome to Kelevra, where our journey began not just as a business venture, but as a response to a glaring void in the cybersecurity landscape. Fueled by a profound sense of frustration with the prevailing norms in the security sector, we embarked on a mission to redefine the industry standards. The prevailing culture in many security firms was shrouded in opacity, often leaving clients navigating through a maze of uncertainties. This lack of transparency and trust became the catalyst for the birth of Kelevra.

Cybersecurity and privacy concepts to protect data. Lock icon and internet network securit

At Kelevra, we are passionate about delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients. We combine the best talent, processes, and technology to create innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce risk, and accelerate growth. Our professionals have the skills and persistence to tackle your toughest challenges and deliver results that exceed expectations.


We are passionate about making our projects accessible to everyone, working together with our clients as partners, and putting their needs at the heart of everything we do. This way, we ensure that we not only meet the project goals, but also deliver a great client service experience.


At the heart of Kelevra is a commitment to building trust with each of our clients through radical transparency. From the way we build our quotes, to the questions we ask, and the information we provide, you will have a clear understanding every step of the way. We are on a mission to rebuild trust in cybersecurity vendors, and it begins with our commitment to transparency.


At Kelevra, we have the practical knowledge and skills to design, implement, and operate programs from start to finish. We understand the process, technology, and challenges that each phase entails, because we have faced them ourselves in our previous roles. We are enthusiastic about sharing our insights and solutions with you.

The Kelevra Difference

Meet Our Leadership

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